What’s In A Name?

With my due date quickly approaching (May 1st!), I’m getting anxious to meet our new little addition. So what is one to do with all this nervous energy? Decorate, of course! I’ve washed and organized all of the baby clothes from newborn to 3T. Josie grew so fast that many of the items are brand new! I even found a few things with the tag still on.

I also took a quick trip to Target to pick up a few items to polish off the decor in the room. It wasn’t hard to find adorable accessories in our color scheme of purple and gray. If we’re Facebook, friends you’ve probably already seen these photos. I couldn’t resist sharing the excitement! It’s amazing how hanging something on the wall can really finish off a room. We should probably do that in the rest of the house. Anyway, here are some snapshots of the nursery.

More info on these items can be found on my pinterest board. 

But there’s one thing I didn’t show you…

The last nursery project was to hang the baby’s name above the crib. I started with the same base as I did with Josie’s name – paper mache letters. You can snag these at the craft store for super cheap. I got all eight letters i needed for under $20. Then I painted all the letters using some leftover purple wall paint. My goal was to create a subtle 3-D effect with the big 8″ capital letters. Then, I hopped on over to craftcuts.com to purchase smaller connected wooden letters. I opted for a nice cursive font and chose letters that were about half the size as the paper mache ones. When the wooden letters arrived, I almost didn’t paint them because they looked so cool. But I just can’t resist a can of spray paint. I sprayed them the same metallic silver paint that was used on the dresser.  Then with the help of some heavy duty mounting tape, I secured everyting to the wall. Ok, enough stalling.

Are you ready to see the big reveal? Joining big sister Jocelyn Leeann will be…

Name on wall


We can’t wait to meet you Vivienne!  ♥


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