S#!t Happens

So we’re not having the best of luck lately. I’ve felt the stress these past few weeks due to a hectic work schedule that includes a lot of travel and the ticking time bomb that is another human being growing in my belly. That means, weekends are very important for us and full of to-do lists. We have so much left to do. Unfortunately, our family caught the dreaded stomach bug that knocked us out two weekends in a row. I was finally starting to feel normal again until I came home from work last night. I had plans to cook dinner, catch up on work some, and give Josie a bath. None of those things happened. I had planned my next blog post to be all about the nursery progress. That didn’t happen either….

Josie and I walked up to the front door to hear the sound of water running. “Oh no!” I thought, “we left the faucet on.” We rushed inside (OK it’s cold out there, we were rushing anyway) to discover our kitchen had transformed into a rainforest. It took a couple of minutes to comprehend what was actually happening. There was water pouring from the every light fixture in the ceiling, the cabinets, the microwave, the floor was flooded, and the sound was incredible. Once I could asses what was actually happening, we tried to shut off the water and call Josh, who was at the grocery store, to come home immediately.

A pipe had burst.

Long story short, we had some great friends help us mop up the water last night and we had a restoration company come today to start drying everything up with the industrial fans. We had to call around to 3 or 4 different places to find a crew that could come today. Unfortunately, burst pipes are pretty common this time of year. We had tried to assess the damage but when the professionals come in and start ripping out walls, things get a lot more real. So not only are the girls’ bedrooms not ready, we’re backtracking on rooms that I thought were already done!

Today I said goodbye to my spice rack, my knife block, my crown molding, my red walls, my wood flooring, and big chunks of the ceiling. I’m pretty sure my lighting fixtures are a goner, and the verdict is still out on the dining room table and the appliances. Even my birdie tea-pot got chipped in this whole process. Sorry if I sound like I’m whining, but we had put so much work into those rooms that it was just very hard to see it all destroyed. I hope we’re over our slump and things start going smoothly for us.

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P.S. Looks like we’re having takeout for dinner.

P.P.S. Did it snow?


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