Neglected Nurseries

Now that it’s officially 2015, I’ve begun to panic. My friend assured me that it was just my nesting instincts kicking in. But we only have 15 weeks until baby girl gets here (or sooner if she’s anything like her sister!) We never put Josie’s room back together after moving in. It’s a shame because her first nursery was so pretty; Josh did an amazing stencil on the wall. We didn’t bother with decorating the rental because it would just mean more holes to patch when we move. Now that we’re in our forever home, she deserves a space to call her own. And her sister’s nursery is empty! So here’s the lowdown; I want to create 2 sophisticated bedrooms for my 2 unique and beautiful girls….and I want it done yesterday.

In this post, I’m going to focus on the more urgent of the 2 rooms, which is the empty nursery. I’ll breakdown my design ideas, my struggles, and update you on the progress we’ve made thus far.

A Nursery for Baby K.

I think we’ve decided on a name for our little girl but it’s not official yet. Stay tuned. 

Purple has always been a favorite color of mine. So when I spotted this adorableness on Pinterest, I knew it would be my inspiration for the room.

purple nursery

Unfortunately, this was one of those Pinterest images that link to nowhere. There goes my hopes of exactly matching that shade of purple and buying that exact bedding (they put a bird on it!) So off to the hardware store I went with this image on my phone. Matching paint chips to an iPhone screen is not recommended. I almost settled on a shade before second guessing myself. So instead I opted for 2 samples even though this meant another trip to the store at a later date. Not ideal when you have a busy schedule. It ended up being a good decision because the paint color I almost settled on was too pink.

We chose the darker shade of purple with more gray undertones. Much more sophisticated. Last weekend I set out on a mission to paint the room. As soon as Josie went down for her nap it was go time. We still need to get up on a ladder and trim the top, and do a second coat over the light spots. But there is progress to be seen and that’s comforting. Pardon the bad lighting in this photo.IMG_3148

Next was the bedding. Since I couldn’t find the specific one in the photo, I could at least get something with birds on it. I chose the Sadie Quilt and Crib Skirt from Pottery Barn (on clearance!) and these fitted sheets from Amazon.

Choosing the actual crib and mattress where probably the easiest purchases for the nursery. I had already done the research when we bought Josie’s furniture, so I just bought the same exact thing. The Graco Sarah Classic Crib is safe, not too pricey, and converts to a toddler bed and eventually twin bed with no conversion kits required.

After my panic attack, the wonderful Miss Caitlyn took me out for lunch and shopping to really kick this project into high gear. We settled on a purple and silver color scheme for the room. She gave me some great ideas as we browsed the aisles and insisted on ruffle curtains. Most of the items i needed were either too big to carry or not in stock. So I snapped photos and came home and bought everything online. Here’s what I snagged:

  • Curtains: Ruffle Panels and These Pretty Sheers (the curtains were buy 3, get the 4th free!)
  • A feminine nightstand in grey
  • Grey Bookshelf – Target had a great deal on this bookshelf! Still can’t wrap my head around that fact that it’s cheaper than the nightstand, but over twice the size.
  • Toy Chest
  • Dresser The base for a DIY project (am I crazy?)

A Note About the Dresser: I’ve really had a fondness for mirrored furniture lately. Except for the price tag that is. In the below image (another Pinterest find) they use a mirrored chest of drawers as a changing table. It’s such a royal look (just pardon the utter lack of color in the room).


So of course I think of a way to DIY the look. There are tons of tutorials out there so I’m going to take a stab at it. I have to admit, I’m weary of a DIY project with the time crunch and would rather just buy the finished product…but the price tag is just too steep. Just take a look at this one, which at $1,599.00, is more than my entire budget for the room! In a previous post, I shared my discovery that Lowe’s will cut glass for free. That made this project more doable. IF this project goes well, I’ll have to share the steps in another post.

Now we play the waiting game for all of my items to arrive. I can’t wait to put everything together and start building a room fit for a princess.


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