Goodbye 2014

In case you didn’t already know this….the holidays are just crazy. As a kid, the hardest part was actually falling asleep on Christmas Eve. Now, there’s so much planning involved in the whole affair. There’s the shopping, the wrapping, the cooking and baking, the parties, the decorations. PHEW. I need to remember to save some vacation time for the end of the year so I don’t feel so frazzled. 

We’re a little light in the decorations department. By light, I mean that ALL of our Christmas decorations fit in one Rubbermaid container INCLUDING the fake tree. I was scoping out the neighbors to see what they did for decorations. There was garland and lights and wreaths in every window and one neighbor even had cut outs of all the Peanuts characters on their front lawn.

This is sort of what I had envisioned (minus the fake snow) for our home.


Josh didn’t really feel like tackling the Christmas lights, so I put a big red bow on the mailbox and called it a day. Maybe next year we’ll have energy to decorate.

Fortunately, we fared a bit better inside. We got a real Christmas tree for the first time as a family. I”m partial to the plastic variety but the real tree was much larger and fuller. It also makes for a great family outing. We went to Thomas’ Tree Farm about 5 miles from our house, to cut one down. Josh and his dad had a “contest” to see who could cut down their tree faster. I’ll let you guess who won.


And here is the final product!


We also found a use for our empty plant shelf. We wrapped some empty boxes and stacked them up. It’s nice having something sit up on the shelf. I’ll be sad to take it down and have an empty void again.

And here are our stockings properly hung on the fireplace. Unfortunately, after I filled the stockings with goodies, I had to implement a ‘no fire’ rule for fear that the chocolate would melt. Come next year, we’ll have a new stocking up there 🙂

FullSizeRender (5)

Josh’s BIG present came a little early this year. Now that we’re officially never moving ever again, I figured it would be safe to move his piano from his parents house to ours. I did a quick Google search and got a quote from Gohn’s Piano Moving. The website says they service the entire East Coast but it looks like they’re based out of Dover which isn’t too far away. They contacted me right away with a quote and said they could come out that week. Sold! Merry Christmas Josh! Now our house will be filled with even more music.


The piano is also a gorgeous piece of furniture on it’s own and is helping to give our front room an identity where before it was pretty sparse. It’s an old converted player piano from the 1920s! Click Here to see a neat video a player piano in action.

I’ve really enjoyed creating this blog so that I can share the memories of our home and family with you and throw in a bit of photography in as well. (Although, I should probably pull out the camera once in a while instead of snapping all my photos on the iPhone).

In 2015 we have a long overwhelming to-do list ahead of us. We have a nursery to put together, Josh really needs a proper office, we have an empty breakfast nook and so much more. Here’s a look back at 2014 with the Krebs Family and we’ll see you next year for all of our projects ahead! Happy New Year!

Krebs 2014 Year in Review
click to enlarge

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