Nothing like inviting a bunch of people over to kick the unpacking into high gear. Except for a few boxes here and there, we managed to put everything away (just don’t look in the garage!). We were so excited to have friends and family over to check out the new place. The letters in Josie’s room even stayed on the wall until the party ended. I’ve since bought some heavy duty outdoor mounting tape and will try to secure them once and for all. Thanks to all who came! And if you weren’t able to make it, we’ll have you over soon enough.

I have a savvy shopper story to tell you!

As you may have guessed I’m still in love with the new front load washer and dryer set. But I was starting to second guess myself about not buying the pedestals. I passively checked out the Lowes website one day just to remind myself that they were way overpriced and I could live without them…that is until I saw a RED pedestal on clearance for $49. They’re normally close to $300. I couldn’t believe it. I called to place it on hold and dashed over to the store ASAP. It was so cheap because it had a crack in it. But the drawer still pulled out fine and it matched. How could I pass this up? I found a second one with a dent in the side (the dent would be against a wall undetected) so I decided to go for it. The second pedestal was burgundy, not red. But it’s a laundry room and I wouldn’t have to bend over. Worth it.

Turns out the store associate rang me up wrong and I got an additional 10% the clearance price. I scored both pedestals for less than $200 when it would normally cost over $550. Very proud of myself for that purchase. Now, the only problem is finding someone to lift up the washer and dryer so that we can slide these things underneath. Until then, I’ll keep bending over :/

More Furniture News

We’ve anxiously been waiting the arrival of our new dining set. The dining room was the first room we tackled when we bought the house. We painted it a great shade of red. Since then, we’ve been on the lookout for a dining set that would fit in the space. But we might have been a bit too picky because before we knew it, Thanksgiving was around the corner and we still had an empty room. I drove over to Ashley Furniture at lunch one day to check out their selection. They were having a 50% deal and free shipping. BUT the delivery timeframe was 2-3 weeks. It was crunch time! We slept on it, and decided to buy the Larimer Dining Set. It came with an extendable table and 10 chairs!

Unfortunately, when they provided the initial delivery date, they failed to realize that the date was Thanksgiving Day. I highly doubt anyone is going to work on that date. And I got nervous. That’s when I had Josh call them back. Love that I can count on him to take on those kinds of jobs. The new estimated delivery date ended up being November 20th.


The delivery arrives on time BUT the man says he has 6 chairs and 4 stools. NO! There’s not enough time for them to correct our order before turkey day. Turns out he just assumed there were stools based on his sheet. Way to give me a heart attack.

First meal at the new table
First meal at the new table

We enjoyed our first meal of teriyaki salmon. So nice to finally dine in the dining room. We can now prepare for our first Thanksgiving in our new home with one less thing to worry about. How does it look?


You know what else is today?! It’s Gaby’s Birthday! Josie had a little message for you, Gaby:


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