Time Flies

It has been over a month since my last post! We were on such a roll and then ‘pfft’. But I have a pretty good excuse…


I’m happy to announce we are entering the second trimester. The magical trimester where morning sickness vanishing and your energy magically reemerges. I could really use that energy because we’ve officially cleared all of our junk out of the townhouse and into our new place. And not a minute too soon. We hand the keys back over on Oct 31st. This will be the first time in exactly a year that we will have one house payment, one set of utility bills, and one address. HOORAY!

The challenge now is to organize the chaos before the housewarming. It’s hard when nothing has a home yet. I keep moving things around, which doesn’t do much to speed up the unpacking process. Josie seems to be enjoying the mountains of boxes in our living room. She’ll disappear, get quiet for sometime, then pop up with something fun she’s discovered.

Look what I found!

We’re pretty light in the furniture department overall….or maybe this house is just massive. On the shopping list is a formal dining room set (need to get on this ASAP so it’s here in time for Thanksgiving) and proper computer desk.

While most of our stuff is a hodgepodge of collected items, our family room is the most put together space thus far. We purchased a sofa, loveseat, chair and ottoman set as our first big purchase for our first house. All the pieces fit into the family room nicely, and we even had room for our massive coffee table. This is also my first time really experimenting with an open floor plan so I have the loveseat floating between the family room and kitchen. I thought it could use a sofa table to anchor it. And wouldn’t you know it, IKEA had one that matched our coffee table. Even better, they deliver!

My to-do list for the next week is to:

  • Put furniture in the right rooms (with some help of course)
  • Hang photos, curtains, mirrors
  • Sort and find places for all of our things to go (one room at a time is my mantra)
  • Bribe Josh to hang the kitchen shelves
  • Take Josie Trick-or-treating for the first time!
  • Find the energy to do it all.

Did I mention this is the last time I’m moving…ever.


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