Moving Fast

I’ve been postponing this blog post simply because there is too much going on. This weekend was another whirlwind of activity and I’m just exhausted.


It began on Friday when our bed was delivered. I ordered it through Amazon with the goal of finding an upholster bed frame under $400. Thanks to customer reviews, I was not disappointed with my selection. Here’s what I chose: Baxton Studio CF8276-QUEEN-BLACK Battersby Modern Bed with Upholstered Headboard

My bf, Caitlyn, came over to help me put it together. Thank goodness for friends! Instead of cursing whoever wrote the most inadequate directions in the world, we had a great laugh trying to put this thing together. With some she-woman strength and a little trial and error, we managed to piece the thing together. It seems to be holding up even with Josie jumping all over it. I bought new sheets to go with the new bed and OH MY they are the softest sheets ever! Here’s a link if you’re interested. They come in just about every color. Clara Clark Premier 1800 Series 4pc Bed Sheet Set 


On Saturday, an even larger/more exciting shipment arrived…the cabinet doors! They were promptly primed and painted to match the white cabinets. That night there was a Lowes run for glass inserts. Did you know, Lowes will measure and cut glass for free? The ten doors were assembled on Sunday. Can I just say WOW. Look at this kitchen! Builders grade, shmilders grade. This is a 100% custom kitchen now.

photo (5)
New Kitchen

What do you think?! I’m in love with this kitchen. I can’t wait to fill this space with all of our red dishes. So what’s left on the to-do list for the kitchen you might ask. Well…

  • Install the knobs on the new doors (update: the knobs went on last night, i’ll have a new picture. I can’t keep up!)
  • install a tile backsplash
  • hang curtains
  • find pretty things to fill up the display cabinets
  • throw a dinner party!


On Sunday we wrapped up the painting (for now). The gray color extends from the kitchen to the breakfast nook, and all the way around the family room. It took 3 gallons of paint to cover all the rooms! The gray is much lighter and opens the space more than the yellow did. I wanted to paint all the rooms the same color to unify the space and make it look larger. At least that’s what they say on HGTV. I’m happy to be rid of the yellow and tan shades that were here before. Josie’s room was also painted but I still have to decorate before I show you what that looks like 🙂

photo 1
Breakfast nook
photo 2
Family room

Sunday was also our first night in the new house! We brought over the mattress and made it our official move in day. Slowly, but surely, we’ll drag the rest of our stuff over. I’m glad to be in the new house so I can enjoy the pretty sunsets every night.

photo (6)

Home. Sweet. Home.


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