Test Run

It’s weekend recap time! Here’s what we were able to accomplish:

  • Paint the kitchen island
  • Add a personal touch above the door
  • Mow the lawn

I convinced Josh (with a little help from his dad) to paint the kitchen cabinets. Ever the skeptic, he wanted to do a test run on the island before committing to to the whole room. I’ve read more reviews than I care to admit on the subject; all stating how much of a pain it is. But if there’s one thing I can do, it’s paint. So we jumped right in. This seems to be a pretty popular topic so I’ll show you how we did it  step by step.

Step 1: Sand all the doors and cabinet boxes

There’s a pretty shiny finish on the cabinets so we wanted to scuff them up so the paint would actually stick. We also wanted to avoid all the horror stories of the paint chipping or peeling off. Electric sanders really help you to knock out this step quickly. Fine sandpaper (220-240) seemed to do the job. Then just wipe everything down and get ready for paint.

sanding game face

Step 2: Primer

We talked to the sales clerk at the paint store and he raved about STIX primer. He said it would cover everything (the label shows the primer being applied to tile). He also said sanding wasn’t neceearry but it would probably be a good idea to scuff the cabinets up a little bit. We didn’t want to chance it and sanded anyway. The best part about this primer is that it’s water based so there’s no odor. We had them tint the primer a dark grey to get us as close as possible to black.

stix primer

We just did one coat of primer because it had pretty good coverage. I used a brush for the detail work and a foam roller for a smooth finish over all of the flat surfaces. At this point, you get a pretty good idea of how the finished product is going to look. It’s also at this point that Josh got on board for the rest of the kitchen (success!)

photo 2 (4)

Step 3: Paint

Using the same technique, go crazy with your actual paint color. I chose the same black we used on the front door so it would match. We’re a fan of Benjamin Moore paint if you’re looking for a good quality product for this project. This did still require two coats, though. The paint isn’t quite as thick as the primer so no getting around this step. A good tip I read was to paint the back of the doors first so if you flip them too early and they stick or drip, the ‘oops’ will be hidden. Waiting for the paint to dry was by far the worst part.

Step 4: Assemble

Once everything is dry and you’re happy with it, put it all back together. I bought shiny new hardware to replace the dated brass ones. Then just step back and marvel at your work. I think it came out great! Even the counter tops look cooler against the black.


photo 1 (3)

While we were picking up paint, I also grabbed a gallon for Josie’s room. When the sales clerk at the paint counter comments on how much paint you’re getting, you might have a problem. You’ll have to wait a little longer to see what I have in store for her space. She did take her first nap in her new room this weekend while we camped out for this painting project. I think she likes it 🙂

photo (12)

I was also able to hang a vinyl decal above the  front door for a little added personal touch. I snagged this super cute decal from Etsy. Josie immediately noticed and said, “K!” This place feels more like home every day.


peek a boo

Last, but not least, we got a mow in after the rain stopped. I know this doesn’t seem like a big deal, but Josh got to use the riding lawn mower for the first time and he had a lot of ground to cover.

lawn mower

As you can see, we have a lot more painting in our future.

Until next time.


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