Curb Appeal

I guess being at the beach for two weeks made us miss our new house. We used our first full day back to knock out some serious DIY projects. I’m really excited to share these changes with you!

Here’s what we accomplished yesterday:

  • Painted the front door and the shutters
  • Changed the locks
  • Power washed the front of the house
  • Added a new opening in the fence
  • Spruced up the mailbox
  • Ordered appliances

Phew, no wonder I’m tired! Now for the fun stuff. Here are all the before and after photos.

First up is the new paint. Remember what the front of the house used to look like? Lots of beige and lots of fading.

House Before
note: you can click on any of the photos to enlarge them.

For more before photos, click here to visit the gallery.

I chose a color called Carbon Copy in a low lustre  exterior paint by Benjamin Moore for the door and the shutters. It’s actually a very deep purple but looks pretty black when dry. The door required two coats but the shutters just needed one. Josh set aside his dislike of heights to hop on the roof and reach the top shutters.

The front of our house went from faded to fierce with just a little paint.

shutters before and after
What a difference!

And here is the new and improved door with all it’s shiny new jewelry. I recommend Direct Door Hardware for door hardware at a good price. They came the next day and were all keyed the same at no additional cost! We snagged the kick plate from Lowes. I now think everyone should have a kick plate on their door. Love them!

doorPro Tip: Take the door off the hinges and remove all the hardware before painting. This made the job super quick and easy. I also used a foam roller for a clean finish with no brush lines. I used this guide. The finished product looks 100 times better than my first attempt at painting our front door in Laurel.

Here is a pretty photo of the house from the street after all the painting was finished. Well, not all. We still have a bit more painting to do. I think a coat of white on the window and door trim, columns, and garage door would add so much more dimension and cover the blah beige that is everywhere.

House after

In addition to the painting, we made the fence in the backyard more functional. It needed a gate at the back to make it more functional. See the arrow below.

Let me out!

Before, there was no opening in the fence to get to the rest of the backyard. There also wasn’t a gate opening wide enough to fit a riding lawn mower through. Now we have a new gate complete with fancy hinges.

gate after

I spray painted the mailbox flag red because; (a) it was an excuse to buy red spray paint and (b) every mailbox needs a red flag. Not bad for 5 minutes of work.


Last, but certainly not least, WE ORDERED APPLIANCES! Fingers crossed they will all be delivered very soon. After the appliances are installed, we can start moving in!

I’ll leave you with just one more photo of the day…


Enjoy the cuteness. Until next time!


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