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I’m sad to be saying goodbye to our OBX vacation very soon. We’ve been having a great time. There’s so much to see and do and especially eat. But, I’m also ready to work on the house some more.

There's a Northridge here too!
There’s a Northridge here too!

We wandered around some antique shops the other day and made some pretty great discoveries. Unfortunately, that four poster bed just won’t fit in the trunk of the Yaris. Since I can’t do any serious house shopping down here, I’ve been doing a little online browsing.

What better way to keep the beach theme going than by focusing on the kitchen island for this next post. We need three stools for our kitchen island but I simply can’t decide (typical). I’ve narrowed it down to three very different options. All three would work in the space but each have very different aesthetic qualities. Take a peak below and let me know which one is your favorite.

To get a better feel for the space, here is our inspiration photo. We hope to end up with something a little like this:

 Based on the concept of white cabinets and black counter tops, which of the three options below would you choose?

1. Tufted Stool

Threshold™ 24" Brookline Tufted Counter Stool;  Target for 95 each; comes in white, icy blue, and characoal

This seems like a safe choice and very traditional. The high back to this stool may make them more comfortable. The back may also obstruct the site lines of our open floor plan.

2. Red Tabouret Stool

Create Zones Group items in your kitchen by their function. In this kitchen, a stand mixer tucks in the corner by the refrigerator and shelves above house mixing bowls and baking necessities. On the opposite side of the refrigerator, a breakfast prep zone has all morning must-haves: shelves with bowls and glasses, coffee mugs, and canisters of cereal.

These french-inspired stools seem to be a popular choice for kitchen renovations these days. Josh is a little weary of the industrial feel but the pop of red is whimsical and may serve as a nice contrast to the white cabinets.

3. Wooden Black Stool

She lower the bar to cabinet level and had to provide support for the new granite countertop.

A minimal option that would tuck nice and neat under the counter top.

Take the poll below to choose your favorite and check back soon to see which style we put in our space.

 Have another suggestion for a good seating option? Leave a comment below!


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  1. #1 is my favorite, but #3 is more practical with a little one in the house.


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