Baby Steps

We’re on vacation!

We’ve spent the past two days talking to contractors to get an idea of what upgrades we might like to make in the kitchen. The first cabinet contractor came in and wanted to rip everything out. That’s not what I had in mind and I don’t have to look at his quote to know that’s not in the budget either.  The second contractor seemed very knowledgeable and much less pushy. I had to cancel the appointment with the third contractor because they insisted my husband be present for their consultation…I hadn’t told them I was married. It just rubbed me the wrong way.

Josie occupying herself during the meetings.
Josie occupying herself during the meetings.

We also had a flooring contractor out to see if we could match the existing floors. Unfortunately, the flooring the previous homeowner installed has been discontinued. We could get thicker boards in a similar color but I’m not sure how that would look. To be continued…

Josie and I also used our time to pick up a few things for the new house. This included a watering can, a welcome mat, some gardening tools, mulch, and maybe a dress or two. There’s just something about Target and their cute floral prints that’s almost impossible to ignore.

Just a little too big
Just a little too big

Josie is a wonderful gardener. She helped mommy lay down the mulch. I had to pry the shovel from her hand; she did not want to let go. It’s really starting to look nice. I just hope we can keep the weeds in check. There were some monster weeds with thorns growing all around.

mulchphoto 5

Our new neighbors have a couple of small children that love riding their little electric cars around the cul-de-sac. One little boy drove up to Josie and asked if she wanted to ride. She’s much too shy to do anything but watch them from the side walk. We shouldn’t have to worry about her jumping into boys cars for a long while 🙂

This time tomorrow, we’ll be on our way to the Outer Banks! I can’t wait to take Josie to the beach. She loves the water. We’ll get some much needed R&R then come back and jump into another project.


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